Our Story


Villa Djunah has brought a touch of exotic elegance to the Côte d’Azur for almost a century. An exciting new chapter in its history has opened – rekindling an enchanting past.

Originally known as Villa El Djézaïr (Algeria in Arabic), the building was commissioned as a private villa by Camille Chrétien in 1922. Revolutionary in its time, the building was designed by a local architect, Ernest Truch, to reflect Chrétien’s memories of travels to Algeria and his love for the country’s neo-Moorish architecture.

In 1999, the Villa was declared a monument of historical importance and given the French Heritage Commission’s “20th Century heritage” label.

Lovingly and skilfully restored for over four years, Villa El Djézaïr has now reopened as Villa Djunah Restaurant, Bar & Gardens, offering Mediterranean flavours and oriental elegance.

Why Djunah? Two Arabic words combined, meaning ‘Awesome’ and ‘Pavilion’.

Villa Djunah is a way of life with relaxed pleasure at its heart. To be enjoyed day and night, it is a hybrid place both intimate and festive depending on the hour and your mood.

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