Villa Djunah invites you to its colorful Coachella festival on Saturday the 2nd of July! 

Coachella is a yearly music festival held in the Los Angeles desert! Coachella aims to gather lots of people coming from the whole entire world whilst playing your favorite artists live in front of you! 

So gather up and come to spend this joly festival by our side, we will promise you an amazing night! 

There is no better feeling than singing your heart out with your friends and the people you love by your side! and that’s why Coachella is the ultimate bucket list experience, it’s something to do once in a lifetime.

“Dancing past midnight, singing until dawn” 

Before our Coachella party begins,from 7pm we invite you to taste our mezzes platter to share, our signature dishes and desserts! of course without forgetting our signature cocktails made by our dearest bartenders who put their heart into what they do! 

Of course, we must say, we are expecting you to rock your most creative outfits, wear what you want and step out of your usual comfort zone, just for the night! 

Villa Djunah promises to accompany you during the entire Coachella party that happens only once a year!

Our resident DJ will be here to shake and awaken the crowd whilst playing your favorite sounds! 100% energy is expected for our Coachella party! 

“Bad vibes don’t go with my outfit, and my outfit goes with Coachella”

So what are you waiting for?

For booking information :  +33 9 70 68 31 50
Or for more information
Private parking and valet service everynight 10€

+33 9 70 68 31 50